I love my little Corgi!
I love photography. It is my passion and my drive to succeed! Every photo I take I look at and my heart explodes with happiness and excitement! I fall in love with photos that are mine and that aren’t mine. It is the best feeling ever! I am very proud to say I am a photographer, and to see how far I have come! #brittnileighphotography #love #photography #photographer #proud
Goodness I love these two!
That beard. Let’s go Germany!
Mmmm. Montana sunsets!!!
Mom, what is this?!
Chopped my hair off!
Momma, don’t go to work ):
I love my silly little goobers.
I love my pretty baby!!!
So happy with his first bark box! #barkbox #firstbarkbox #corgi #happy
So serious….
Cuddle buddy!!!
Engagement session… Check!
Hunter came inside from the garage and said ‘here, I got you something!’ Hands me this flower from our wild rose bush (: #ilovemyhusband